Video Marketing


Creating Visual Content

Creating engaging video content and photography is a must for any business!

At Heybridge Creative we have a knack for creativity and work closely with our clients to create truly outstanding and unique video content.

DID YOU KNOW: 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (up from 63% in 2017).

Here at Heybridge, we have a diverse team including; creative writers, producers, videographers, editors, directors and all around marketers. Our team members are equipped with the the best camera technology and are ready to help you to tell your brand story effectively.

Understand your audience

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are crafting the right message for the target audience. It is important that we gather enough consumer insight to ensure that the video created resonates and has the desired effect. It is always our goal to evoke emotion but it is important that we evoke the right emotion, that is why our planning phase is crucial to the success of your video marketing strategy.


    • Creative Development
    • Video Content Strategy
    • Scripting and Storyboarding
    • Video and Film Production
    • Post-production
    • Aerial Filming and Photography
    • Digital Media
    • Corporate Video
    • Animation and Motion Graphics
    • Animation and Motion Graphics
    • CGI & 3D Modelling
    • Photography
    • Studio Hire
    • Production Crew

Create goals and KPIs for your campaign

We can’t help you reach your goals if we do not know what they are. As with any marketing strategy, it is important to do some A/B testing to learn what will work best and deliver the best results. Before we start any kind of filming, we will ensure we have outlined what it is you are trying to achieve and who it is you are trying to target.

Understand what type of video is required for your set goals and chosen marketing channel

With many new platforms to present your videos to, it is important that you understand where your target audience lies. Whether your platform is YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TV or another, we can help you to present your videos to your desired audience in the most effective way. We will help you to discover where your chosen audience live on or offline, and create outstanding video content to grab their attention and create a larger impact.

Create video content that is effective and aligns with your budget

Video content, if branded correctly and targeted to the correct audience can have a huge impact on your marketing strategy. Whatever your budget, Heybridge Creative will work with you to ensure the video created will deliver the KPI’s you require. Videos don’t always have to be extremely complicated, some of the best video campaigns are extremely simple. It’s more important to target your audience in a smart way than to create a complex video.

Our Video Marketing Process


We can’t help you achieve your goals if we don’t know what they are. It’s important for us to figure out what will help best and which platforms will give you the results you need.

Story Board

To make sure your video reaches the right audience and also portrays the correct message, we focus on putting a story board together so everyone involved in the projects understands the overall direction and goal that’s being created.

Final Footage

The outcome can be amazing if a video is cut correctly. We’ll finalise your footage to ensure your brand is portrayed to showcase your vision and to help promote your product or brand as best as we can.

Branding / Photography / Website Design & Development
Branding / Photography / Website Design & Development