The 52 weeks of design challenge

We are now on the 10th week of our 52 weeks of design challenge! Throughout this challenge our creative team have worked hard to create the best designs to showcase. Using a word generator we have created a list of 52 different words and have to create a new design every week based off of these words!

All of our designs are created using Adobe Illustrator which allows us to create scaleable vector graphics. Alongside Illustrator, we have used a graphics tablet in order to pay extra attention to detail.

“Over the last 10 weeks I’ve learnt a handful of new skills on illustrator and have strengthened my digital drawing techniques using my graphic tablet”
– Harriet Norman: Creative Artworker

Our current designs consist of:

A new design is posted every Friday, you can view all of our designs here!

Our team are enjoying the #52weeksofdesign challenge and look forward to creating more great designs.

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