Social Media Marketing

What we offer

  • Showcase your brand.
  • Develop a loyal community.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase digital exposure.
  • Boost website traffic and improve SEO.
  • Reach new audiences and increase sales

Educate, entertain, engage

Social media has changed the world of marketing and has had a huge effect on the way we use the internet. For brands, social media offers a huge amount of potential and is also far more cost-effective than traditional marketing channels. With its worldwide access and sharing capabilities, interacting on social networks can significantly increase your online exposure.

Crafting a successful social strategy

Having the right strategy in place is key and can have a positive effect on other digital channels if implemented correctly. Social media advertising has the power to bring high volumes of quality traffic to your website, which will assist with your onsite SEO as search results are increasingly influenced by your social media content. We fully recognise that social media is just one element of your overall digital strategy and work with our clients to ensure we examine all existing digital assets to create a strategy that leverages and supports all current digital efforts.

Innovate social media marketing campaigns

At Heybridge, we are experts in creating and delivering innovative social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. We offer comprehensive social media management across all platforms to help showcase your brand; generate brand awareness, build a loyal community and drive new sales. We do this by identifying your goals and targets so that we can benchmark and measure the success and ROI of each campaign effectively. We work with our clients closely to research, create and develop a social media strategy that works, and ensure the correct processes, policies and tools needed to manage social media activities successfully are in place.

At Heybridge, we have all the experience in-house to take full responsibility for your social media presence. To begin the conversation about your social media strategy, get in touch today.

We’re always delighted to meet and work with new clients, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Services

  • Social media consultancy
  • Social media audits
  • Social media management
  • Social media advertising
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Content curation and syndication?


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