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With competition to appear at the top of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) hitting new heights, it is more important than ever to understand your customer’s behaviour and ensure that you know exactly what they are looking for. At Heybridge, we work closely with our clients to gain a strong understanding of their customer base, allowing us to make informed decisions on targeting the right keywords for the right businesses.

Our Services

    • Technical SEO
    • Content optimisation
    • Keyword analysis
    • Link building and content outreach

Data-driven decisions

When we begin working with a client, all of the decisions we make are based on data. We use an array of tools to explore the best keyword and content opportunities to form a detailed search marketing strategy. We’ll continuously analyse your website to make performance tweaks, big and small, that will positively impact your website’s traffic and revenue.

Your strategy begins with making the right decisions, and we’ll be there right from the start to ensure you have the data to drive those decisions.

Creative and engaging marketing

When we build your search marketing strategy, we work with design, development, content and outreach teams to build a comprehensive, creative and engaging campaign designed to drive maximum return on investment. While data forms the basis of the SEO decision-making process; it is creative marketing that will drive the results that you need.

We’ll work with you to develop creative strategies that not only entertain and engage your audience but also drive the rankings that will underpin your business success.

To begin the conversation about your search marketing strategy, get in touch with Heybridge today. We’re always delighted to meet and work with new clients, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Our SEO Process


Before we begin an SEO project, it is very important to understand what processes we use to ensure that we will run the most effective SEO campaign for you possible. We break the processes down for you into steps and will describe the activities involved.


SEO does not just depend on the first initial steps mentioned previously, it is important to monitor results and create high quality content on a continuous basis. We will work with you to build a campaign that has a strong strategy based on research, understanding the goals, high quality content building, page optimisation, social media and landing pages, and the final step being the reporting and analysis of the data recorded.


We begin with simple, yet effective concepts such as page titles; ideally these need to be focused in your market and follow on from your companies name. We make sure that your navigation is affective as well as looking into your keywords phrases and where you will be ranking on search engines. Our developers will also take time to examine the code in your site, ensuring it is clean. We will also submit a sitemap in webmaster tools.


Content is the most important part of search engine optimisation, search engines, like Google, love high quality text. Do it right and you will reap the benefits. Firstly, a website with high quality, relatable and interesting content will increase the number of visitors and the length of time visitors spend on your site. Secondly, you will have content that the search engines will favour, this will translate your position on search engine rankings.


Reporting is done at regular intervals, we keep a close eye on how the campaign is developing looking into the traffic levels, social media signals and other metrics. We will make sure that goals are being met and will also create heat maps to track your customers behaviour on your site.

Branding / Photography / Website Design & Development
Branding / Photography / Website Design & Development