Introducing… HeyDrone

HeyDrone is the partnering company to Heybridge Creative, specialising in creative drone photography and videography. Aerial photography is still a fairly new concept however; it offers a whole new outlook on imagery. Drone photography produces high quality imagery, covering a much larger surface area, as well as being a unique way to photography your property, event and landscape.

HeyDrone was founded in 2015 by Marc Wheelhouse, the photography specialist and director of Heybridge Creative. The HeyDrone team consists of specialists with a true passion for creating amazing imagery. We use the DJI Mavik 2 Pro, featured the Hassleblad L1D-20C, to achieve the best quality images and videos. The DJI Mavik 2 Pro is the leader in high quality professional medium format cameras, we never compromise on quality!

HeyDrone offers various services in bespoke aerial photography, these include:

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Agricultural
  • Structural Surveys
  • Property Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Residential & Commercial Property

If you are looking for unique and specialist aerial photography services visit HeyDrone.