How to maintain productivity during the Christmas build up

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the least productive time of year! During the build up to Christmas it is easy to find yourself distracted with thoughts relating to the turkey you forgot to buy or great present ideas for your loved ones. Without being a Scrooge, it is still important that you are producing work to your best ability, and meeting your deadlines. Ensuring that you are up to date, ready for the Christmas break, can really save a lot of stress in January. Everybody wants to walk in to the New Year feeling refreshed and motivated, this can only be done if you have a motivated December!

Create a to-do list!

In my opinion, to do lists are the best way to stay on top of workloads as well as maintaining motivation. Create a daily, weekly or monthly to-do list (whichever you prefer), set out each individual goal with the deadline you wish to reach. It can be helpful to make your to-do list look nice, use bright colours to keep the list looking interesting! To-do lists are a great way to ensure you meet all of your deadlines and the sense of achievement when you complete a task is brilliant.

Be prepared

This may be the most obvious point however; it can sometimes be the hardest! Plan in advance and prepare yourself for the holidays. Try to get as much as possible done before Christmas to avoid the last minute panic at work! You want to start January with a fresh attitude, not an overdue task list from December.

Acknowledge your achievements

Acknowledging all of the great things you have achieved this year is important! You may need a brief reminder of everything you have achieved this year, as well as a reminder of what a successful and enjoyable year at work it has been. Create a list with 4/5 great things you have done this year and allow yourself to feel proud of everything you have achieved! These brief reminders are a great way to stay motivated.

Allow yourself to feel festive

I’m not the Grinch; I love Christmas as much as everyone else! Allow yourself to fully feel the festivities. Play Christmas music, wear fun Xmas-styled jumpers and allow yourself to indulge in a mince pie at lunchtime! Partaking in the holiday season will bring you and your colleagues closer together and create a happy, fun work environment!

Clean your workspace

Starting the New Year with a tidy office space can be incredibly beneficial! Coming back to work in January after the holidays may be a downer, especially when the January rush hits! Tidying your workspace the day before your holidays can help to maintain a calm, fresh attitude to the New Year. Clear out old drawers, wipe that desk down and leave a to-do list on your desk, ready for when you come back to work!

We hope these tips help you to maintain productivity during the build up to Christmas, just don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful time of the year!