How professional imagery can change your website

Appearance is everything when it comes to designing a website. Finding quality images that are relevant to your business is important as people favour visual content to text-based content. Users much prefer to view websites that contain a small amount of helpful content, with good, relevant images, rather than viewing a site that is full of text, people will be too lazy to read! In order to create a successful website you must focus on creating good visual content that users will find interesting.

Why you audience prefers images:

Websites without images are dull and not as interesting. Visual imagery appears to be more attractive and exciting for your audience. People don’t want to spend a long amount of time reading through pages of boring text; they much prefer to receive information from an image. 37% of the population are visual learners; this is why it’s important to use good images to send out your information in the most readable manner.

The importance of using good quality images:

Finding relevant, interesting images is a good start however, in order to achieve the best response possible it’s important to use high quality images! High quality images ensure that your business looks professional and suits the overall aesthetic. High quality images will showcase your products and create more interest amongst current and potential clients. Whether your business consists of 1 person or 100 people, high quality images will always leave website visitors with a good impression of your business as well as creating trust in your brand.

Where to find high quality images:

Finding high quality, relevant images can be easy! If you are looking to save money sites such as: Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay offers professional, uncopyrighted images that are completely free! If you can’t find what you are looking for paid stock image sites like, Shutterstock also offers thousands of high quality images. If you are looking for high quality images of your own workspace / product / team, don’t settle for low quality iPhone images, hire a photographer! Hiring a photographer is the best way to ensure that your images are totally relevant to your brand and you can relax knowing that they will be of the highest quality.

Heybridge Photography:

If you are looking for a photographer to create bespoke visual imagery, we can help! We offer creative photography services that will turn your vision into reality and capture the story behind your brand! Heybridge offers various visual imagery services, including:

  • Location Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Bespoke Photography
  • Aerial Photography

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