10 ways to get noticed on social media

Social Media is an important form of marketing; it has many advantages that set it apart from other types of marketing. Social media marketing comes at a low cost and is the quickest way to reach a wider target audience however, it can become easy to feel lost on social media. Creating an account is simple but driving interest to your accounts can be a harder process. Whether you are looking to market your business or simply want to create an effective personal account, follow our top ten tips to get noticed on Social Media.

Number 1:

Create an account that is interesting: Sounds simple, right? Having an account that appears interesting to your audience is important in order to create interest to your account. If you are looking to market your business you must ensure you use consistent branding on your page and provide a short and snappy bio. The appearance of your account is make or break for your audience, if they don’t find your profile interesting they won’t hit that follow button.

Number 2:

Finding your audience: Knowing and understanding your target audience is key. You need to understand who your audience are and what their interests are so you can post accordingly.Understanding the content that your audience are searching for will establish a good relationship between you and your followers, as well as bringing in people with similar interests


Number 3:

Understanding the different social media platforms: Each different social media platform offers a different user experience. Understanding each platform and knowing which one suits your goals the best is important however, many successful businesses use more than one platform. Spend some time researching each platform and the type of people they attract, once you understand the platform that your target audience tends to prefer, make this your priority.


Number 4

Consistency is key: in order to attract more attention to your profile, you must consistently post. If your account doesn’t look active people will tend to avoid following you! Create a plan that includes your ideas and content with scheduled dates & times; this will help you to keep your posts consistent.



Number 5

 The art of hash tagging: Hash tagging is not just predominantly used on Twitter anymore. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all use hash tags to allow users to search for what they are looking for quickly. The hash tags you use must be relevant to your profile otherwise you will not drive the interested audience to your page. Take some time to research similar pages to yours and see the hash tags that they are using.

Number 6

Support others: Taking time to scroll through your timeline and retweet / like / share other people’s posts, this can establish a good relationship with other accounts. Supporting other profiles will usually be reimbursed!


Number 7

Be personal: Your audience wants to know that there is a personality behind the account. People will be more drawn to following you if they find your profile personal, you want your followers to be able to relate to you and feel as though they are apart of the brand. Using phrases such as ‘together’ and ‘us’ can make your audience feel apart of your journey.


Number 8

Use interesting images: On social media, users are not usually interested in reading large paragraphs of content, they want short phrases with a visual attachment. Interesting / humorous images are a good way of grabbing people’s attention and are more likely to be shared on.


Number 9

Boost your posts: Although social media is free sometimes, you need a little extra help! Using paid boosts / ads on social media can help you to reach your targets. Remember boosting will only help to drive traffic if your profile is set up with consistent, interesting content.


Number 10

 Have fun! Enjoy creating your social media profile, experiment with new ideas and have fun doing this! Users will be more inclined to follow / share you if they see that your profile is more than just a business!