Promoting your business with hashtags

Hashtagging is a great way to increase engagement across your social media platforms. Hashtag’s make it easier for social users to find your brand and business as well as improving your click through rate! According to research from Buddy Media, tweets with hashtags receive 2X more engagement than those without hashtags. Although hashtagging was originally made popular through the social media platform Twitter, they are now used on nearly every social platform including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

So now that you have a better understanding of the hashtag it’s time to find out how you can use them to boost your social engagement!

Finding relevant hashtags

It is important to find the correct hashtags for your business, using incorrect hashtags will mean that your marketing won’t be as effective! To begin with, create a mind-map with relevant keywords surrounding your business, this is a great way to think of phrases that your audience may search for. It is also important to research what competitors are using to promote their social platforms, take some time to research the hashtags they are using and how effective they are!

As well as using hashtags that are relevant to your business it can also be effective to use hashtag trends. Twitter trends provide you with a list of trends and hashtags based on a bunch of factors directly related to you. All trends showcased on Twitter are relevant and popular therefore, it is a good idea to incorporate your posts with these trends!

If you are struggling to find relevant hashtags that suit your business, there are a variety of websites online that search for popular hashtags for you! This is a less time consuming way to find effective hashtags however, it is important to ensure that the hashtags are still relevant to you and remain personal to your business!

Click here to view an online hashtag generator.

Where to use hashtags

Although hashtags serve the same purpose on each social media platform (to promote and engage), using them can slightly differ between each platform.

Twitter: With a 140 character limit it is important to not overdo hashtagging on Twitter. The sole concept of a tweet is to be short, sweet and straight to the point so you must ensure your hashtags follow this rule! Humorous and witty hashtags tend to receive a large engagement with users. For example, Amazon announced their new hit car show with the hashtag #amazonshitcarshow. This hashtag comes with two different variants and was widely tweeted about due to the humour behind the hashtag!

Facebook: Hashtagging on Facebook helps users to find conversations surrounding the phrase or keyword. Hashtags on Facebook are a great way to brand your business and start a new conversation surrounding topics related to your niche.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the latest major social platforms to experiment with hashtags. LinkedIn is a professional platform, designed for businesses and individuals to network therefore, it is important to keep your hashtags professional and relevant on this platform! Much like Twitter and Facebook, hashtagging on linkedIn is designed to start and join conversations that are of interest to you.

Instagram: Instagram hashtags are designed for users to search for similar images relating to the keyword or phrase searched for. Users can also follow a hashtag on Instagram to keep up to date on the latest posts.

Now you have a better understanding on how hashtags can change your social strategy its time to start experimenting!