Improve your SEO with a blog

Search Engine Optimisation; also known as SEO, is the process of receiving traffic from the search results on search engines. Understanding SEO and how to utilise it to bring more traffic to your website helps to boost the amount of visitors and potential customers you will receive.

So how does it work? The search engine you are using has a crawler that gathers the relevant information on the Internet. Crawlers build an index using 1s and 0s, this index is fed through an algorithm that matches the data with the question asked. There are many ways you can optimise your SEO but today we will focus on how to create a good blog that will improve your SEO.

Blogging can help to improve your SEO in a number of ways. These are the main reasons why:

    • It keeps your website current – regular updates keep customers coming back as well as attracting new, potential customers. When people see a website that is regularly updated they have more trust in the information that they are viewing.
    • Blogging keeps people on your website for longer – the longer people visit your website for, the higher Google will rank you. If people spend more time viewing your blog Google notices that the content suggested is relevant and helpful.
    • Helps you to connect with your audience – if readers find your content enjoyable they are more likely to share it on. Sharing content on can help to boost the amount of traffic to your website.
    • You can target longer keywords / key phrases – keywords or phrases are important for any SEO strategy and blogging can help you to use these words and phrases more often

Understanding SEO can be difficult, but the use of a blog, containing interesting and relevant content, can help to improve your search engine optimisation. Here is how to write an effective blog.

Catchy name:

The name of your blog is make or break, it will either create interest and viewers will want to click and find out more or, it can drive people away. When deciding on a name for your blog you want to think about, the topic of your blog, your target audience, the tone of your blog and the interest your blog name will create. Ensure the name of your blog is simple and straight to the point; the name should immediately give your readers an insight of the topic.

Knowing your audience 

Understanding your audience and the content they are looking for is key if you want a successful blog. Researching your target audience and the content they enjoy is a good way to find out the type of blogs you want to post. Knowing your audience and the information they digest will help to create more interest amongst regular viewers. Although, it is important to know your audience, it is also important that your content remains relevant to your business.

Use of keywords

Before you begin writing your blog, take some time to research keywords similar businesses are using, make a list of the keywords you would like to include in your content, this will be a good reminder to use them throughout your blogs. Placing your keywords in the right places can impact how search engine crawlers index your content. Include them in your title, headings / subheadings, introduction, conclusion & title and tags. Remember, using keywords is a great way to optimise your SEO but overusing them will make your content less readable for your audience.

Relevant images & videos

 Using relevant, interesting images and videos will make your blog much more visually appealing for your audience as well as driving traffic from image search engines. Using images to drive in a wider audience only works if you optimise a few things such as, Alt text and image description. Remember to use images and videos that are relevant to your blog topic.


Lastly, ensure you are consistently blogging. Plan how often you would like to post a blog, whether it be weekly or monthly, stick to this plan in order to keep your content fresh and current. Viewers are less likely to trust the information that you are producing if your blog has not been updated for months!

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