Case Study : Drty South

The founders of Drty South, a South London athleisure wear brand, came to us with a vision of a smart, modern E-Commerce website, complete with bespoke photography showcasing their products. The founders were looking for a fully responsive site to allow their customers to easily purchase products.

In order to fully understand their vision, we met the Drty team and began to discuss their desired outcomes. Once we understood exactly what they wanted our team got to work designing a few web layouts that fitted their vision. Once a web layout had been agreed on, the next step was for Heybridge’s director and photographer, Marc, to plan the imagery to use for both the website and marketing. Drty South decided on three varying photoshoots to truly showcase their brand. The first was an outdoor lifestyle shoot in Shoreditch, London designed to showcase the product in real life situation, natural situations. After much research, we decided that Shoreditch was the best location for this shoot due to the variety of street art and unique locations surrounding it and knew that this would compliment the clothing and brand style. Marc thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the founders and models and captured their vision in a natural, creative light.

For the second shoot, the founders wanted to focus on the product detail and design, we decided that this would best be showcased in our in-house studio. Marc got to work taking images that truly captured the detailing in each product, creating a professional aesthetic on the site.

The last shoot was with one of the brand’s influencer, Pro-Boxer, Ted Cheeseman (also known as The Big Cheese). The Drty South brand took inspiration from their passion for boxing when designing their products so it was important to incorporate this passion. Marc captured some great action shots that truly show the meaning behind the brand; passion, creativity and fitness.

Whilst the imagery was being captured, the office’s web designers began to build the initial design on WordPress. We found a theme that perfectly matched the original design vision and began creating the perfect E-Commerce site. We understood that the design must be very visual in order to showcase the products in various lights as well as incorporating the passion for fitness and boxing. After much hard work on the design, our team created the perfect layout and the Drty South founders were happy with this outcome. The next step was to add each products, with all variants, such as size and colour. Before adding each product, we understood that one of the most important components to creating a successful E-Commerce site was being mindful that the consumers could easily access the products, add to cart and purchase, we ensured that the site was simple and effective.

Alongside the design and the products, we created many added extras for the site such as, a live chat, product bundles, coupon codes, order tracking and much more. Drty South was a great project for the team and the founders were very happy with the completed outcome. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with this clothing brand and are excited to see the brand develop further!

Visit Drty South’s website here!