Branding & Design


Stand out from the crowd!

Having a brand is so much more than having a great logo. With the infinite choices available to today’s consumers, it’s becoming more important to find unique ways to connect emotionally with new and existing customers. Your brand is the foundation for your marketing strategy. Every aspect, from your website and corporate identity to video and content pieces, should be defined by your brand. The importance of building a strong brand is crucial to your company’s overall success. Each touch point is an opportunity to improve brand awareness and bring customers closer to you.

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Enhance credibility and ease of purchase
  • Improve customer recognition
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Enhance your marketing strategies

At Heybridge, we work with our clients closely to create a winning brand. From how your brand thinks, feels, looks and talks, to how it acts and responds across all customer touch points. To find out how Heybridge can help build your brand, get in touch today.  We’re always delighted to meet and work with new clients, so we look forward to hearing from you!

The Design Process

Graphic Design


We will take on any creative brief. Firstly, we will establish and outline what you are looking to achieve and who your target audiences are, this then leads into the initial concepts creative development and then the finished artwork.

Visual Identity

Working out the identity of your brand is what will lead you to success. We help to create your perfect identity by crafting logos, colour systems, fonts and imagery which will help bring vital exposure to your brand.

Brochure Design

There is nothing quite like a beautiful brochure, at Heybridge we have worked on 100s from small sale leaflets to catalogues and large annual report. We will design your brochure to become an essential part of your companies marketing.


Let us create the essentials for getting your business out there. Business Cards, Leaflets, Flyers, Brochures and anything else you require, we have expert knowledge not only in design but in print too meaning we’ll make sure your stationary stands out from the rest.


Here at Heybridge Creative, you’re in the driving seat. Discuss with us the look and feel of your products and we’ll make sure you get the highest quality printed material for your timeframe and budget.

Branding / Print / Website Design & Development
Branding / Photography / Website Design & Development
Branding / Photography / Website Design & Development