Heybridge Creative’s New Years Resolutions

Making a New Years Resolution is a great way to assess your achievements and goals for 2019. Spend some time thinking of all of the great things you have achieved in 2018 and start to think of things you want to learn or improve on. Creating goals for the New Year in the workplace is the best way to feel optimistic for a fresh start. “New year, new me” is a phrase that is often repeated around this time of, year. Instead of working on creating a whole new you, find a handful of goals that would be beneficial to you for the New Year.

Our team came together to think of two New Years Resolutions each, for work. Creating these goals has already created a new sense of motivation and optimism ready for the 1st January. It is also important that your goals will keep you optimistic throughout the whole year, you want your New Years Resolutions to last the year, not just January!

Olivia’s resolutions:

  1. I would like to dedicate more time to learning HTML. This year I have thoroughly enjoyed learning HTML but feel as though I still have much more to learn and improve on.
  2. I would also like to ensure that I stay motivated throughout the year. In order for me to produce the best work possible, I must ensure that I am motivated and ready to work hard everyday!

Harriet’s resolutions:

  1. I would like to spend more time understanding how to use Invision Studio. Finding more time to understand this application will greatly improve the outcome of my work.
  2. To learn the process of bespoke web development, I feel like this is a good skill to help me to improve my overall design knowledge.

Marc’s resolutions:

  1. I would like to set aside one hour a day to achieve my dream! I believe this will help me to achieve my goals much faster.
  2. I would also like to start running 3 times a week and spend more time outside, I believe spending more time exercising will help me to feel more energised and motivated at work!

Danielle’s resolutions:

  1. My resolution is to set myself more realistic and manageable tasks to complete in one day,  as I try to complete too many jobs in too little time!
  2. I also would like to make quicker, snap decisions instead of worrying too much about the decisions I am making.

Craig’s resolutions:

  1. I would like to gain a better understanding of React.js, I believe this will be beneficial to me because it is an up and coming code technology. This will be a good skill to add to my library of knowledge.

2. To drink less coffee!

Happy New Year from the Heybridge Creative Team. We hope your New Year is full of optimism and motivation!