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Bespoke Website Design

Creating a cutting edge and optimal viewing experience for businesses in all stages of growth.

Eye Catching Website Design

Every website we design for our clients is unique and customised to their desired requirements, matching the existing logo, style and branding as required. A website should reflect the services, products and functionality of a business, so keeping consistent styles, trends, colours and imagery throughout a business is key.

Responsive Website Layout

With over 60% of websites being viewed on mobile/tablet devices, it is important for a website to function smoothly on all devices. A responsive website will allow users to view the content of the web pages without the need of zooming in and out.

Only The Best For You

HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS3 (Cascading StyleSheet) are the new standards for creating powerful and rich websites in a W3C compliant way. They have gained wide acceptance already and are a significant and exciting development for building websites and web applications that are cross-platform and device capable.

Heybridge Creative specialise in creating websites with HTML5 and CSS3, to produce a successful business identity online. These coding standards allow for interactivity to be added to websites such as animations, slideshows and many other features.

CSS3 has revolutionised the responsive aspects of websites, and allows for Media Queries and specific styling for each device but without the need of a separate website. The improved style sheets have also given the opportunity to create websites the way that they were designed. This means that clients receive exactly what they have chosen.

Content Management Systems

As websites are becoming an increasingly popular tool for a business, the need for constant updates is increasing in demand. With Content Management Systems (or CMS) this is easily possible for all levels of technical knowledge. CMS' come with an easy-to-use navigation system, and simple text editing functionality which help with simple edits to the website.

The simplicity of these management systems allow for your company to take control of the website, when it comes to adding news articles, blog posts, testimonials or other pages that require populating with information throughout a companies day.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is important to increase brand awareness and online presence, and having links between your e-commerce website and sites like Facebook, Twiiter, Google+ and many more, will allow your store's presence to increase vastly.

Facebook is the home to over 1.2 billion active users, can you imagine what it would be like if all those people became potential customers? At Heybridge Creative, we believe that any connection to social media can vastly increase the potential of an e-commerce website.

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